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Look Who’s Been Selling in 2011!

Well the results, facts and figures are in for 2011, and they are very interesting.

Evolution Realty is still selling the most in Applecross

More than ever in a tough market, you need a hungry, energetic and thoroughly professional agent. Here are the facts for the past 12 months.  (Of the top 5 agents in sales results for 2011 in Applecross)

1)    No.  1 by sales number                Evolution Realty 20 sales
2)    No.  1 by sales volume                 Evolution Realty  $28M *
3)    Days on market (SOLD’s)    
No. 1 agent Evolution Realty                    =  56 days
No. 2 agent  days on market                    = 122 days
No. 3 agent  days on market                    = 126 days
No. 4 agent  days on market                    = 143 days
No. 5 agent  days on market                    = 119 days

So in a nutshell, in 2011 Evolution sold the most number in Applecross, and for the highest value, and in the shortest time.

A Pretty compelling clean sweep for results. If you are selling, and are serious about the best results, we better talk. Otherwise it will cost you time, money and stress.

I want your business, am hungrier and more fired up than ever, and I am getting results in a tough market. Call me.

Ian Barnes - 0423123 533

* Approx. to nearest $1M. Sources:, Complete Data.  

New Year- New wave of buyers

Traditionally, New Year always means a fresh new impetus in the property market.

Buyers and sellers alike set goals to move on, interstate transfer happen and people want to get the kids settled for the new school year.

Homes present well with the summer weather, and generally people are more active.

I am particularly interested in recent years with the New Year, as I think a break from all the negative press of the previous year, is also a good thing. Also, people tend to look forwards after Christmas, whereas there was a lot of crystal ball gazing and rear mirror reflection of the events of 2011 going on late last year.

2012 is no different. No doubt there are new buyers emerging, as evident from last weekend’s home opens, buyers that have just entered the market. Several offers on various properties and lots more phone enquiry than we saw late in 2011.

All in all, a great time for sellers to consider a move as there is good buyer activity, and often more new listings coming on for the buyers.

If you are looking for a move, contact the team at Evolution Realty and we would be delighted to assist you with your moving aspirations.

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