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February 2010 - Evolution Realty – Evolution Realty

Market Insights- January/ February/ March 2010

February 15, 2010

What an amazing end to 2009! It appears that for the time being buoyancy and in some cases bullish optimism exists with many buyers, creating a mini boom in some price categories. Properties in Mount Pleasant, below $1 million, have been snapped up and are selling quickly, often close to full price. We think that in many cases, within this category, we have seen an...

Evolution Realty Applecross Property Trends

February 11, 2010

Welcome to our blog. Hi, my name is Ian Barnes from Evolution Realty. Many of you know that I have been successfully selling in the area for many years now, and know the market. But this blog will be all about you, not me, and this lovely part of the world called Applecross, which we are blessed to call home. I will be regularly providing...