September 2010 - Evolution Realty
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September 2010 - Evolution Realty – Evolution Realty

Tight as tight can be- GRIDLOCK

September 20, 2010

What an amazing market! We have buyers for sure, many that need to sell. As Applecross blows out to 145 days on market, and Mount Pleasant 117.3, Ardross 84.3 and Booragoon a low 68.9, we see many of the aspirational trade up buyers in Applecross say, wow, subject to sale is not going to happen, I will have to do a bridging loan or a...

The start of better times

September 3, 2010

We are starting to see early signs of a much stronger buyer sentiment. Just recently we have seen many multimillion dollar sales, a Circa $3M plus in Mount Pleasant, a $4M plus sale in Applecross and $5M plus sale in Applecross. Two of these offers were cash, and all show a willingness of buyers to act on good properties despite what has been a soft...