October 4, 2011

Well we found him. The Elusive Booragoon Bomber. It was like unmasking of one of the super heroes, but we finally discovered who that top tipper really was. Alex Yurkov from Booragoon, and guess who he supports? “The Bombers”.

As it turns out Alex is one of our clients so it is great to have him win.

The prize is a substantial $500 dining experience at the Raffles Restaurant, and earnt this due to his exceptional tipping during the year.

Alex had 158 right tips, and was a full 5 tips clear of runner up Jack Warman.

The amazing fact is Alex claims he didn’t once win a weekly prize, so for the second year out of 3 the main prize winners were the most consistent all year without any weekly glory.

Congratulations Alex for your superb tipping. Please enjoy your dinner on us.

To everyone that participated in this year’s competition, thank you. It was fun, and yes we will do it again next year. Bigger and better.

We would like to hit 200 plus participants. We will be ramping things up even better with even more value in the prizes, and hopefully a whole lot more tippers to boot.

We can all have a few months off and see you in early 2012 for the Evolution Realty footy tipping competition 2012.