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April 2011 - Evolution Realty – Evolution Realty

Market Segment and absorption rate

April 30, 2011

An often unheralded statistic, is that of market segment, and hence a term called absorbtion rate, the number of sales per market segment for a particular timeframe. This is the updated market segment by price category. For those into this sort of stuff, interesting reading. Good for discussions with your owners. 🙂


April 29, 2011

As we approach the end of April 2011, the market remains constipated in Applecross and Mount Pleasant. Existing FOR SALE MARKET 1) Applecross 161 properties for sale 170.1 average days on market (to not sell) $2,189,175 ave. asking price 2) Mount Pleasant 79 properties for sale 146 average days on market (to not sell) $1,426,073 ave. asking price 2011 SOLDS 1) Applecross 43 sales Value...


April 13, 2011

Evolution has led the way again, with a simple user friendly function, powder room icons. (As far as we know the first agent to do this in the area). Often buyers want to know how many powder rooms, as the number of bathrooms is not the whole story. Many homes today have 1-4 powder rooms in the market we serve. Have a look for yourself....


April 13, 2011

Today we launched our own TV Show. http://www.evolutionrealty.com.au/ This will be a regular feature and we are really excited about offering you up to the minute information and news. Please have a look and tell me what you think? Do you have a request for a story? Would you like to be interviewed? Do you have a perspective on living in the City of Melville?...