September 2011 - Evolution Realty - Real Estate Applecross, Mt Pleasant
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September 2011 - Evolution Realty - Real Estate Applecross, Mt Pleasant – Evolution Realty – Real Estate Applecross, Mt Pleasant

Years in the Making- It has arrived!

September 30, 2011

It has been years in the making. I have long wanted to offer the latest, content rich, expert information and tips for buyers, sellers and property investors and here it is. Evolution Realty is proud to announce and launch our FREE E-Books range. Three detailed, content rich, easy to load E-Books bursting with information for all segments of the real estate process, based on dedicated...

“I don’t get paid enough”- The value of customer service

September 22, 2011

The value of customer service. I had an interesting experience today. One of my suppliers, whom I spend on behalf of Evolution Realty a large sum of money annually, has one of their staff contact me about a query. I must say I usually have a lot of good things to say about this company, a National brand and major supplier. (You could call me...

The way to wealth creation

September 16, 2011

Recently the team and I attended a Michael Sheargold training seminar, and Michael said that according to the experts, of the Rich 200 list in Australia recently, 75% had accumulated their wealth through property. It tends to put things into perspective as buyers continue to “wait and see” in some cases before they commit. If you look at property as a medium to long term...

How to navigate through the Property Market

September 5, 2011

1. READY SET GO! Now, more than ever, the person that successfully buys the home they love is the person that is prepared in advance to buy. I have seen time and time again, nice people miss out on buying, not because their price offered was not good, but due to other factors that meant they were not ready to buy. Ready means ready in...