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June 2015 - Evolution Realty – Evolution Realty

What Qualifies a Real Estate Agent?

June 25, 2015

Everyone says they have happy clients. I learnt long ago in my career, by a famous man called Lee Woodward, the only thing that qualifies a real estate agent is “testimonials”. Not once listed either. After the sale. It only matters afterwards, what does the client think? Otherwise, how do you know if the listing was obtained by lying, or overpromising or by “smoke and...

It makes sense to trade up in a down market!

June 11, 2015

It makes sense to move in a down market! Did you know that if you are trading up, you are better off moving now rather than waiting for a market to recover? That is a fact. Let me show you why! HIGHER PRICE EXAMPLE 1: 1) Your home is worth now $2M or 20% less than earlier on (say it was circa $2.5M before)= $500,000...