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Adding Value- The Six Powerful Ways

SIX POWERFUL WAYS- that I add outstanding VALUE!


(to You, the Seller)

As a friendly follow up of an appraisal I have conducted on your property previously;

  • or from discussions around property
  • this is a brief summary of my points of difference
  • and how I can assist you get the best outcome
  • should you be selling now or in the future.

These are Six Powerful Ways That I Add Outstanding Value to Your Selling Process.


I understand that you want to maximise your selling price and opportunity.

  • I am renowned for getting my sellers the most.
  • I will do it through process
  • strength of marketing
  • negotiation and superior market knowledge.

It is not through telling you incorrect or exaggerated information.

  • Mine is an educated hope rather than false hope or “over promising”.


Adding Value- The Six Powerful Ways
I will increase your peace of mind;

  • through excellent communication
  • consultation
  • information
  • a structured proven approach at the start and throughout the entire process.
  • I will minimise “surprises” and believe in an under-promise and over deliver model.
  • I have the area’s best proven, recent written testimonials list and proven track record.

You can relax. I will tell the truth about price and likely outcomes.

  • I will help you “benchmark” what is normal.
  • You will be in control all the way with a friendly firm hand if required.
  • I will NEVER take you for granted. 
  • You have a full “risk reversal guarantee” if you appoint me.


  • I will negotiate the highest possible price available in today’s market.
  • I have spent my entire working life perfecting sales and negotiating skills…

To ensure I have:

  • the training
  • sophistication
  • market knowledge
  • track record
  • credibility and practice to maximise your selling price.



I will find* and close the buyers, and bring you written offers.

  • This is done via a simple and effective method;


  • by asking key questions
  • qualifying
  • being prepared to ask your buyers to buy
  • closing
  • negotiating

I will provide detailed buyer by buyer feedback.
Buyer Feedback

* Please read ‘The twelve ways to find buyers comparison chart’…
***I am happy to send it to you if you want one***



I will increase the likelihood of a price premium through the following;

  • A systems based approach (Proven structured plans and systems).

Increase the emotional appeal of your property, through staging advice and preparation.

Great tools are available for you to use for FREE.

  • Identify the right “best buyer” profile before we start marketing.
  • Features and benefits profile of the property.
  • Buyer matching, cross selling.
  • First class marketing which includes creative, effective ad copy that sells.
  • Pricing strategy to ensure competition while the listing is fresh.

FRAMING – I will create the right environment

  • to maximise your price through positioning, marketing, great follow up and market knowledge.



  • I will “hold the deal together” through strong clause management and support.
  • I have the best systems in the industry…
  • & an effective team to help me make sure your settlement happens as scheduled.
  • We are experts in this field.

You can relax!

As always please drop me a line if you require any real estate assistance. Many thanks,

Yours faithfully,


Ian Barnes