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Agent Interview Questions (For Sellers)

THE QUESTIONS TO ASK- Real estate agent interview

Agent Interview Questions (For Sellers)Real Estate sales people are employed by the sellers;

  • and paid by the sellers to maximize the sales price
  • secure a sale in a reasonable time frame
  • while reducing undue stress

They are ethically, legally and morally required to act in the seller’s best interests.

Whilst doing this;
  • they must act professionally…
  • courteously…
  • & ethically towards the buyers…
The following questions will help you appreciate better…
  • which agents understand, practice & act according to the above guidelines.
The best agents always sell for higher prices, and…
  • the worst agents make sales…
  • but often for no more than the minimum price that the seller will take.
Only where an agent is a competent negotiator;
  • has studied marketing and negotiation…
  • & is ethically soundly based to try to get the highest price…
  • can the owners get the most.

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  • use your home…
  • merely for a means to meet other potential sellers…
  • & to promote themselves…
  • or to sell off their other stock (Sometimes tired stock)…
They should be trying to sell YOUR HOME!!!
  • and qualify if buyers are looking to buy your home….
  • It is true, that many sales come from “cross referencing”…
  • but this should only occur…
  • AFTER all possible objections to your home are addressed…
  • or at least an attempt to address.

Some agents do little or no qualifying of buyers and in this way, have no real control of the sales process. They are called ORDER TAKERS.

  • The best agents will ask qualifying questions…
  • & try to learn more about the buyers at the same time as giving information…
  • This is an exchange of information…
  • Otherwise the agent is merely an order taker…
  • We are not meant to be simply “information services”…
  • We are meant to be “professional sales people”.
RiskOtherwise, couldn’t you replace an agent with an information video or a website.
  • I invite you, to test me, or any of the Evolution Realty…
  • by getting your friends to visit our home opens and see what answers you get from us to the below questions.
None of the following answers by the agent should in any way.
  • weaken the seller’s negotiation position…
  • indicate a price or a level of keenness…
  • which may cost the seller ten’s of thousands of dollars.
  1. How long has the property been on the market?
  2. What other properties do you have to look at?
  3. Why are the owners selling
  4. Who set the price?
  5. What other properties have your company sold in the area recently?
  6. What would the land be worth here?
  1. How old is the house?
  2. What would be the replacement cost of the house?
  3. Have the extensions been approved? (If applicable)
  4. What improvements has the owner made since owning?
  5. What sort of settlement would the owner want?
  6. What properties were sold recently and used as a comparison to establish this price?
  1. What would the owners take?
  2. Have you had any offers?
  3. What were those offers?
  4. Are they keen to sell?
  5. Can I come and look at the home NOW?…(For phone enquiry)
  6. Would you take a subject sale offer?
The right answers to these questions; will directly determine how much you will receive or miss out on?

In short, your agent needs to be well drilled in dealing with buyers.

The Evolution Realty team role plays every possible objection;

  • constant fine-tuning our skills
  • practice sound negotiation strategies
  • & have a proven track record that is unsurpassed.

Trust us to represent your interests. 

Thank you.

As always, please feel free to give me a call if I can assist with any real estate matters.

Yours faithfully,

P.S. I am ready, willing and able to assist with your real estate needs when you are ready!

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