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Agnes Barnes

Agnes Barnes

About Agnes Lee Barnes

Agnes has a sales and marketing degree from Murdoch University, and this tertiary qualification is backed with over 20 years of experience in that role. Agnes speaks fluently 6 languages. (In Chinese, Indonesian and English), is a Licensed Agent, with the mindset of a business owner and over 15 years real estate sales experience at the highest level.

An unbeatable combination of life experience and skill set enables Agnes to relate to all types of sellers, buyers, owners and tenants from different levels of society. In addition, Agnes has extensive abilities dealing with diverse cultures which has directly enhanced our excellent sales & rental results.

Many of our proven results come from Agnes’ ability to understand, negotiate and manage the important steps required in selling and managing property.

This is a role Agnes flourishes in and is a real benefit to the valuable clients of Evolution Realty.

她於1996年在Murdoch大學獲得商業學士學位(銷售和市場)後,同時與多個國家的建築商和開發商有豐富的工作經歷; 結合了業務、市場和營銷資歷,能為客戶提供全面和理想的專業服務。

她也是一個非常專業、有實戰經驗、勤奮及有職業道德的產業代理人。她精通六種不同國家的語言(英語,華語,廣東語,客家語,印尼語和馬來語)。她多年來與不同社會各階層的買家、賣家、業主、租戶的有各種合作經驗,多元化的處理能力令她交出漂亮和優 秀的的銷售成績。


Agnes Lee Barnes – Property Manager/ International Buyer Specialist
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