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Ian's Real Estate Rant

“From the desk of Ian Barnes. Relevant, topical real estate related opinions, thoughts and perspectives”

Absorbtion Rate

July 21, 2019

ABSORPTION RATE- Important concept for Sellers. Years ago, I heard a well-respected trainer (David Knox from the USA) use this term and have adopted it since. It isn’t mumbo jumbo either or jardon, it makes perfect sense. How many properties in a particular market segment can a market absorb over a given time? In layman terms, the terms oversupply or under supply are a more...

Market Segments- The Concept Explained…

May 23, 2019

MARKET SEGMENT Many years ago, I started using a term which I called “Market Segment” in response to the recognition that the spread of price range in prestigious suburbs like Applecross, Mount Pleasant and Attadale was huge. You could have properties for $400,000 right up to $10M plus++ So, when buyers ask me things like, “What is the average price per sqm of land in...

Median price myth- How much is my house worth?

April 8, 2019

I was recently talking to a valuer friend Keith Barry recently about the current market and the ways many sellers and buyers (and agents) view the market and perceive values. It was a fascinating conversation. After we had it, we came up with a brand new measure we have agreed is a better and more accurate way of establishing a value of a property over...

Why it pays to move in a down market?

February 25, 2019

Why it pays to move in a down market? We often hear of sellers or potential sellers wanting to wait for markets to recover, or for prices to hit some pre-determined number desired or required before they move. We have been hearing that on and off for over ten years since the GFC of 2008. Imaging putting your life on hold waiting for a market...