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“From the desk of Ian Barnes. Relevant, topical real estate related opinions, thoughts and perspectives”

How to navigate through the Property Market

September 5, 2011

1. READY SET GO! Now, more than ever, the person that successfully buys the home they love is the person that is prepared in advance to buy. I have seen time and time again, nice people miss out on buying, not because their price offered was not good, but due to other factors that meant they were not ready to buy. Ready means ready in...


August 25, 2011

(or DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying, or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals. The phrase “do it yourself” came into common usage in the 1950s in reference to home improvement projects which people might choose to complete independently. Source: Wikipedia. Recently an article appeared in a major newspaper promoting the benefits of property owners selling privately without...

Pitfalls all potential sellers must know- Tip 1

August 18, 2011

1. Choosing the highest quoting agent- 3 things to know i. Oldest trick in the book Most sellers want to sell for as much as they can achieve, that is understandable. In fact one of the biggest fears for a seller is underselling. It is for this reason often, an average, less accomplished agent is selected based on one of the biggest cons in real...

Market update- Stock levels high

August 11, 2011

We are seeing an enormous amount of new stock either come onto the market, or about to come on. I received 5 requests yesterday alone for appraisals, all for sellers in this area. There are currently over 200 properties all prices in Applecross and Mount Pleasant on the market. During the height of the boom, it was closer to 100. I am finding that there...

The 8 risks to buying property privately

August 4, 2011

Buyers are cautioned to be very careful when buying a property privately, without a real estate agent. Recently, I have seen this happen a couple of times, and my general anecdotal findings are this. 1) Private sellers will often write ineffective, risky clauses that could open the buyer up to difficulties prior to settlement. Unless “subject to’s” are succinct, there are risks to both sides....

Putting the market into perspective

August 4, 2011

The recent decision by the Reserve Bank to keep interest rates on hold was welcome relief to home buyers and therefore home sellers alike. Interestingly, the decision had some commentary that is worth examining. “Interest rates have now been on hold for the past nine months – Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens said in a recent speech that Australia is in the most stable period...

5 Consecutive Quarters of Price Falls

July 25, 2011

The following was recently posted on the REIWA website. To see the full article, click here. http://reiwaviews.com.au/2011/07/median-house-price-in-gradual-fall-for-5-quarters/ “Preliminary data from the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia show that Perth has experienced its fifth consecutive quarter of falls in the median house price. Our reiwa.com data is showing that prices fell by around 2 per cent in the June quarter, notching up 15 months of...

Six signs/ indicators of a market at or near the bottom?

July 13, 2011

When is the market at bottom? It is almost impossible to know for sure… There are some tell tale indicators to give clues. It is important to get things in perspective though, and remember property is a medium to long term hold. (7-10 years plus). As investors start to see alternatives to the extremely volatile stock market of late, property does provide many advantages to...

It makes $ sense to move in a down market

July 8, 2011

Are you ready to trade up for a better home? Many current home-owners are strongly considering the possibility of a move up during this current real estate market, as a slow market is one of the best times to buy property. Did you know that if you are trading up, you are better off moving now than waiting for a market to recover. That is...

Aussie consumers keep their foot on the brake

June 21, 2011

Westpac and the Melbourne Institute released their monthly measure of consumer sentiment this week and it showed that confidence amongst consumers continues to wane. The consumer sentiment index fell to 101.2 points in June 2011, its lowest level since June 2009. Despite the fall in sentiment, the index remains above 100 points which indicates that consumers are more optimistic than pessimistic, but only just. The...

Leading Property Managers of Australia (LPMA)

June 21, 2011

Evolution Realty are members of LPMA. Why choose a member of the Leading Property Managers of Australia to manage your investment property? LPMA members are bound to comply with a comprehensive Code of Practice, benchmark levels of service and business practice over and above those required for statutory licensing in the real estate industry. LPMA member receive cutting edge skills based training and advice unequalled...

The Future of Print vs Online in Real Estate

June 15, 2011

GOOD QUALITY RENTALS IN DEMAND- Internet campaign only. A happy story is that we are finding a real surge for demand for goods rentals. Last week we let quickly in a matter of days, 4 quality rentals for full price and some above asking price, as tenants struggle to find good properties to rent. We are finding success with an internet only campaign, quality photography...

PLAN B- The Market

June 2, 2011

For any properties that have been on the market a fair time (More than 60-90 days) if it wise to re-examine the assumptions that were made in setting of the right price when the property was listed. A success mindset known as ZERO BASED THINKING is a very helpful method I have found over the years. Put simply, using the benefit of hindsight “knowing what...

Market Segment and absorption rate

April 30, 2011

An often unheralded statistic, is that of market segment, and hence a term called absorbtion rate, the number of sales per market segment for a particular timeframe. This is the updated market segment by price category. For those into this sort of stuff, interesting reading. Good for discussions with your owners. 🙂


April 29, 2011

As we approach the end of April 2011, the market remains constipated in Applecross and Mount Pleasant. Existing FOR SALE MARKET 1) Applecross 161 properties for sale 170.1 average days on market (to not sell) $2,189,175 ave. asking price 2) Mount Pleasant 79 properties for sale 146 average days on market (to not sell) $1,426,073 ave. asking price 2011 SOLDS 1) Applecross 43 sales Value...