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Buy or Sell First?


That is the question…

ANSWER: It depends on what is important to you!


  1. Is time on market MOST important? (Speed & efficiency)
  2. Is the timing of the sale MOST important to you?(When)
  3. Is stress MOST important? (Minimal)
  4. Is certainty of outcome MOST important? (Results)
  5. Is finding the perfect house first before selling MOST important to you? (Destination sorted)
  6. Is highest selling price MOST important? (Financial)
  7. Is being in the best position to negotiate on the purchase MOST important to you? (Control and power)
SUBJECT TO SALE: It would be perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of buying a home in today’s market!

>>There are a lot of subject sales, for sure AND I am well aware of the arguments for them.


  • What if I am sold and have nowhere to go?

While some agents will not tell you this…

  • Many Sellers do not regard a subject sale offer as a REAL offer…
  • It is perhaps a “maybe” offer…
Typically, the more “subject to’s” on an offer, the weaker the offer.

Facts MythsSUBJECT SALE does NOT mean you cannot Buy.

  • It just means the Seller does not have as much certainty
  • So could be less excited about your offer
  • & you won’t be in the same position to negotiate terms


  • Where days on market have in many instances blown out to 3-5 months to sell (or more)

A subject to sale may mean a long wait for the Seller before they can actually move on.

  • This usually means you will pay more, and have less bargaining power
  • The difference could be anywhere between 5-10% more in the changeover for a subject sale
I still think the best way to buy a home is this (In almost all instances).
  1. Sell first, go to market
  2. In this way you know what your home is REALLY worth
  3. Not what an agent says, or how much you think or hope it is worth
  4. Also you always BUY better when you offer more certainty to the seller

ACTUALLY– you are in less stress, as if you don’t sell, you can stay in your home!

  • Make sure (Request) a longer settlement or a rent back clause if required
  • A good agent can you negotiate this for you (Protect you)
To make sure you have time to find the right home.
  • Given stock is generally slower to sell overall than in previous years
  • & stock levels are expected to be rising for Spring 2019 onwards
  • The problem is not going to be finding a home
  • It is more about finding a buyer to get yours sold (The right buyer)

I am happy to explain in detail;

  • How you can move ONCE!
  • & do it with maximum return and minimum stress

I do this all the time…

Drop me a line and I can explain how we can do it!


Thank you.

As always I am committed to delighting my clients.

If and when you are ready, I am keen to help you get moving.


Yours faithfully,