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Buyer Behaviour Today


The world has changed and they behave differently.

TO FIND A PROPERTY IN THE PAST:- Buyers used to do this;
  • Let the agent know up front they are looking
  • Buy the West Newspaper on a Saturday morning and make a list of everything open and drive around viewing home opens.
  • Drive an area scouting For Sale signs
  • Register their details with Real Estate agents with their wish list
  • Get in Agents cars who drove Buyers around to view listings.
  • Look at lots of homes until they find what they want

These days the internet has changed forever how property is viewed.

For example:

  • Instant 24 hours access
  • Floor plans
  • Social media means massive leverage and potential momentum
  • Virtual tours
  • Video
  • Interactive Maps
  • Google aerial maps
  • Location shots


  • Eliminate 80% of properties without ever viewing…We are all time poor 
  • Do most of the work BEFORE they look at anything
  • Basically from home or office (covertly/ anonymously)
  • They drive past and see the home at different times of the day “under cover” as well as checking out neighbours, noise, traffic etc.
  • Might knock on neighbours doors


Will almost certainly know the price and sales history of any property including if it were on the market before;


  • Will look at your home from Google Earth and Maps (aerially)
  • Buyers will easily be able to find out days on market and the history
  • These days there are so many auto valuation property APPS Buyers get told how much your house is probably worth (Whether it is right or wrong isn’t the point).

So what is my point???

When we finally see a BUYER in person at a home, they are pretty educated, and probably self qualified to some extent.


Good follow up of all Buyers (accurate & honest feedback) from enquiry or home opens is essential… AND

  • The home needs to look sharp all the time- some Sellers even leave the front lights on until they go to bed to make it look its best and STAND OUT!
  • You can bet Buyers are driving past your property and checking it out even if you don’t know. AND
  • The marketing has to be “WOW” as we have a few seconds to be on the Buyers radar and shopping list. (The 20% of properties short listed). AND
  • All offers and Buyer feedback should be looked at on merit and a pragmatic approach taken.

Properties perceived to be “a little optimistic/ or more”, could be sidelined and never even viewed.

  • The price has to be about right.
  • The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities and Buyers do exist.
  • We just need to find the right one AND we are working hard to do just that.

Yours faithfully
Ian Barnes

Thank you for your business and continued trust.