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Caution To Sellers

Caution To Sellers


Please keep in mind that Buyers want to obtain the lowest price and best terms for themselves.

I recommend that you do not discuss the following types of information with any buyers or other real estate agents.

  • Regardless of how well you may know them…
  • How pleasant or nice they are…
  • Other than to myself or My Team.

In particular;

  1. Reason for selling.
  2. Motivation/urgency to sell.
  3. Willingness to consider an offer less than the listing price.
  4. Terms under which you would or might sell.
  5. Relocation/ timing, if applicable.
  6. Items of personal property which you “might” be willing to include in a sale.
  7. Any confidential information that would serve to disclose your negotiating strategy.

ALSO, please do not at any stage allow a Buyer to view your home without myself or my team present.

>That is never in your best interests and will cost you $$$ money.

I will drop off/ leave a few business cards.
  • If a Buyer knocks on your door please have them call me.
Please DO NOT show the house!!!
  • This is to protect your interests and ensure that when we negotiate we can get the most for you as possible.

I remain committed as your Agent and helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

Yours faithfully
Ian Barnes

Thank you for your business and continued trust.