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(All conjuncting enquires please contact Listing Representative)
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Representative requesting the conjunction is: (Conjuncting representative)

Have you asked the purchaser if they have already contacted me regarding this property or already visited it?


Is the buyer qualified to buy as

CashFinanceSubject Sale

If subject sale, is the buyers house on the market?

YESNONot Available

Does the buyer have any special requirements?


Terms of Conjunction:

A conjunction will only be granted in writing, and subject to all of this form being completed and agreed to by the conjuncting representative as well as agreed to by the seller at the time of listing. It must be completed in advance and agreed by the listing representative before a conjunction is granted. It will be granted on the condition that the buyer has not contacted us about the property, and where we are not currently actively working with that buyer. Further the conjuncting sales representative must accompany the buyer to the viewing.

The conjuncting representative understands and agrees that:

  • 1. On receiving a conjunction, he/she is acting on behalf of the seller, and as such will negotiate in good faith to obtain the purchaser’s highest price as part of any offer and acceptance submitted.
  • 2. Visits by prospective purchasers will be made at times that are convenient to and agreed to by the seller.
  • 3. If requesting a conjunction, the seller’s property will not be used merely for comparison, but legitimately to a qualified purchaser that is interested in possibly purchasing that property.
  • 4. The conjuncting representative will do everything possible to ensure the purchaser is pre-qualified as to financial capacity, suitable property type, and appointment schedule prior to requesting the conjunction.
  • 5. Whilst showing a property, the property will be promoted in a positive manner beneficial to the seller.
  • 6. The conjuncting representative will not make any representations on behalf of the listing representative, or the seller, or make direct contact with the seller regarding this property whilst listed with this agency.
  • 7. The conjunctional agent agrees to give feedback to the listing representative within 48 hours of the inspection.


This conjunction is being sought at the rate of 0.5% of the sale price including GST and it is understood that it will only be granted where the conjuncting representative has introduced the purchaser to this property for the first time. The conjunction is valid for a given period, (listed on the authority form which will be faxed back with the listing agents confirmed signature to grant the conjunction, and usually 14-30 days) after which the conjunction will expire.

SIGNED: Conjuncting representative Agreed YES