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Dealing with Offers

DEALING WITH OFFERS- Best Strategies & Mindset

Our aim at Evolution Realty to achieve the very best outcome for you in the sale of your home.

I understand that this is a potentially stressful time;

  • particularly given the fact that we find ourselves in a very challenging market

I want to assure you that we are working very hard with the prospective buyers to achieve the maximum price possible in today’s market.

Before you dismiss any prospective offers too quickly, please consider the following.

  • Buyers in today’s market do a lot of research and are very familiar with the comparables on the market
  • Buyers usually won’t pay over market value
  • Buyers know prices are not running away in the foreseeable future (up)
  • Buyers will happily wait
  • Banks and lenders have tightened things so much that Buyers have to be very careful with how much to pay.

There are no guarantees that there will be subsequent offers upon receiving an offer.

I therefore recommend it is wise to consider all offers on merit:- 

  • On the basis it may be the first and the only offer
  • We are aware of instances of owners not working with early offers
  • Only to find ever diminishing lower offers thereafter
  • Often a lower sales price being achieved much lower many months later
  • OR worse……NO SUBSEQUENT OFFERS! Many Sellers see NO OFFERS, or ONE OFFER, blessed is the Seller that experiences MULTIPLE OFFERS. 

Sometimes owners end up putting their plans and lives on hold.

  • Waiting for markets to improve or to achieve a pre-determined $ number
  • Which may be years or not at all in the reasonable foreseeable future.

There are never any guarantees, so it makes sense to be pragmatic. and deal with all offers on merit.

Ultimately though, it will be your decision as to whether you choose to;

  1. To accept the price offered and move on OR;
  2. REJECT the offer
  3. OR to stay put

Rest assured that at ALL times you will always have the final decision as to whether to STAY or MOVE.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you to help get you sold and moved.

I remain committed to be your Agent.

Yours faithfully

Ian Barnes

Thank you for your business and continued trust.