Evolution Agency leads the way

November 16, 2010

An often unheralded statistic, and one that is of benefit to sales members of an agency, is the “opportunities given” statistic. Whilst we as business owners would like to believe that all owners will choose our brand, and once given an
opportunity, all will go with us, it is unreasonable to expect any one agency can have 100% market share.

It is said that as much as 50% of all listings are “uncontested” meaning that before any other agent even gets an opportunity, the listing is gone. This can be for a number of reasons, not the least of which the seller has a relationship already with an agent, or a friend etc.

Of the remaining opportunities, agents are interested in how many times an owner will give an opportunity to pitch for their services.

In 2010, of all the sales made Evolution Realty was given an opportunity for 35% of all listings in Applecross (remember 50% are uncontested) and in Mount Pleasant 28.39%.

Really, these numbers are huge, and this means that in almost all cases Evolution Realty is on the shopping list in 70% of all sellers in Applecross and more that 56% of all Mount Pleasant sellers.

Considering our fresh and developing team, we are excited to say to all, “watch this space” as we are just beginning.

See you in the market place………IB (Ed)