Fast out of the blocks 2012

February 8, 2012

At the risk of sounding like real estate hype, I have to say 2012 has without doubt started as a cracker. (personally, our clients and for our office).

We have made as many sales in the past 5 weeks, volume and number as what some agents do in a year, and nearly as much as in the previous 6 months.

Home open numbers have in some cases resembled 2007, with over 50 coming through 3 home opens last weekend.

Recent sales for me have been in 11 days, 5 days, 18 days, 5 days, 42 days, 31 days and 13 days. (and a few that were longer, more in line with typical market conditions). All were the result of strong marketing campaigns, many with video, and most with our “no price marketing” method.

In this way buyers get to focus on the benefits of the home as a starting point, not all focused by “What sort of discount” can I get? Sellers benefit too as they get a chance to see what the “Real” market value is before they get too entrenched at a position. I also think the risks of overpricing and starting high in this market for a seller can be a disaster, so a “no price” strategy makes a lot of sense.

Given the Applecross market is upwards of 230 days now for the unsold stock, and Mount Pleasant 147.5 days for all of the unsold stock, there is without doubt two markets.

To be able to create results like the above for Evolution (personally) and for my sellers is a real thrill, as we are obviously bucking the norm.

I say to those sellers that are unsold after such a long time, time for a plan B.

It is time to do something different. We have proven buyers will buy and results can be created.

Albert Einstein once said “the definition of insanity was to continue to do the same things and expect a different outcome”, or words to that effect.

It constantly amazes me how some homes stay listed with some agents 2 plus years, and nothing changes. Mmm, Interesting!

We at Evolution will continue to innovate and lead, as we are relishing this current market condition, and welcome any engagement from buyers or sellers that want some direct and frank conversation around how to move forward and make something happen.

Thank you and see you in the market place.