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Finance Approved- Congratulations (Buyer)

Congratulations on receiving your unconditional finance approval!

Finance Approved- Congratulations BuyerFinance Approved- Congratulations Buyer. This must be very exciting for you as your new home purchase becomes even more close to reality. Well done!

Now that Finance has been completed;

  • We need to look onward to the Building & Timber Pest Inspections for the property
  • (As applicable in the contract)

After we receive finance approval, often;

  • There MAY BE new due dates for both of these inspections;
  • Often these are triggered and set based on a certain number of days after finance approval
  • For the specifics please always check the contract as that is what was agreed by all parties at the time of acceptance
  1. Building Inspection: – PLEASE REFER TO THE CONTRACT: (Normally within 5 business days of finance approval)
  2. Timber Pest Inspection: – PLEASE REFER TO THE CONTRACT: (Normally within 5 business days of finance approval)



If the inspections are not completed on time…

  • The seller does not have to agree to an extension of time so it is pretty important to get onto these as a matter of priority and urgency please.


  1. Please select a company to do the inspections ASAP
  2. Have them contact us for access. It is important that you have your trades person contact us in advance of the deadlines to make sure that they get access and do the reports for you on time.

The reason you need to select a company of your own choosing is for reasons of impartiality and integrity, and ultimately the client company relationship will be between you and that company.



Please note, we do not and cannot guarantee any particular suppliers;

  • Nor are we affiliated with them
  • The list is provided to you as a service only to help you save time
  • It includes only suppliers we have either used previously, and/or our clients (buyers and sellers) have had good experiences with


Should we ever receive a complaint from a client about a supplier on that list, we regularly upgrade and update the list, so your feedback helps keep us fine tuning it. 

Ultimately though, you are free and should select a company that you choose to provide you the service you require.

Once you have chosen your preferred company please have them contact our office

  • Have them ask for AGNES BARNES directly on (08) 9364 7488 so we may liaise direct between the Seller and contractor to lock in an inspection time.
  • Best they call the office, not my mobile as it is my office that arranges these inspections with the Seller.

As always should you have any queries please feel free to contact me at the office or on my mobile.

Thank you.

Ian Barnes Team