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How to Find Buyers


There are twelve ways to find Buyers. Evolution Realty use ALL of them effectively.

TWELVE ways to find Buyers- COMPARISON CHART

#Method/ Source #Evolution Realty ***
1 Repeat and existing clients. Existing clients, previous clients and current vendors. -Yes, huge, mostly 80% referral. Many of our sellers wish to buy and stay local.
2 Agent database of registered Buyers. Buyer match, BULK SMS when listed, Hot Buyer calls. -One of the largest in the area. We work the Buyer database hard. All of these conducted once listed to match Buyers to properties. Many sales occur from this alone
3 Agent E-newsletter -1600 “Clean” recipients monthly with listings promoted regularly
4 Home Opens -We gather accurate, detailed information at home opens and then follow up relentlessly with any and all of these Buyers.
5 Agent For Sale signs in this area. Early directional arrows and sign magnets. -Lots in area, use of wings, 6 by 4 display boards with photographs.
6 Internet, extensive use of email brochures and alerts -Classy user friendly website, mostly local listings. Feature and showcase listings, use of floor plans. Follow up of all internet and phone enquiries.
7 Print media (Mostly local focus) -Targeted use, mainly local presence, Herald 1/9 monthly
8 Cross selling from other listings, Buyer match service -Local listings to cross sell
9 Other Agents conjunctions -We offer a fee sharing conjunctional arrangement with Agents that are not retained by the Buyer.
10 Phone ins/ walk ins into local prominent office. Agent window display locally -Large amounts of local traffic pass by daily. Prominent street front office. First interactive touch screen in area, huge local passing traffic
11 Word of mouth (ground blitz) & suburb DL’s -Large direct mail, direct email and letter box campaign, DL’s to suburb periodically
12 Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) -Large fan base of around 3,000, use of “boosts” regularly. Extensive use of video on social media/ Facebook.
You can rest assured we are utilising all of the known methods to attract the Right Buyer for your property.

Yours faithfully