“I don’t get paid enough”- The value of customer service

September 22, 2011

The value of customer service.

I had an interesting experience today. One of my suppliers, whom I spend on behalf of Evolution Realty a large sum of money annually, has one of their staff contact me about a query.

I must say I usually have a lot of good things to say about this company, a National brand and major supplier. (You could call me an advocate really).

There was a problem delivering on one of my orders, and the technician called me to query it.

I asked if he was in the area for long, and could I drop out and see him. I was not able to answer his questions immediately, so offered to meet in person as he was nearby, but couldn’t for about an hour.

He said no. I offered for one of my staff to drop out and see him in 5 minutes, then the clanger!

“I don’t get paid enough to stand around waiting for you”.

WOW, what a slap?

Then I started thinking.

  • I know this man is a nice fellow usually.
  • Maybe he is having a bad day?
  • Maybe his wife left him this morning?
  • Maybe his cat was run over?
  • Maybe he is sick?

You know, I am a fair man. I just thought, we spend tens of thousands of dollars a year with your company, do I really want to hear about your budget problems, not to mention the total lack of respect?

Answer, NO.

It isn’t that I don’t care, it is that as a business owner, I have my own issues, my own customers to attend to, and that remark, whilst it may be true, was a poor reflection on a company that fights hard to win new customers and no doubt satisfy its existing ones.

I wonder what management would do if they knew?

I am not a vindictive person so will let this one slide though to the keeper as they say, but it also caused me to think of the value of staff or team members treating customers well.

This man had a bad day and made me feel like I was not worth 5 minutes of his time.

  • If you are in business, a good question to ask, how do we treat our customers?
  • Do team members treat your customers this way and we don’t even know about it?
    Are staff trained sufficiently to understand their role in the business
  • Are staff rewarded for outstanding client care?

Anyway, that is my experience.

Has anyone had a great or a poor general customer experience before that they can share?