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Ian’s Weekly Wave

Me, Myself, and E.

In younger days, mates called me ‘E’ – and still do.

I smiled recently when reading about a ‘We’.

As in ‘We will sell your property for a gazillion dollars in four seconds after listing!’

Because as I’ve often said – my unique selling point is I’m not a We.

I’m a Me.

Or … an E.

Someone once wrote:

‘There’s a lot of learning between ‘It fell’, and ‘I dropped it.’


Who’s responsible when you list with a ‘We’?

When you invite me to sell your property – it’s you and E.

When I negotiate price – it’s buyer and E.

When I’m auctioning – it’s bidders and E.

Your buck stops with E.

Click or call and let E sell your storey.

August 2, 2022

Better than a Nobel Prize

Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on decision-making.

He’s studied cognitive biases for sixty years.

When asked if he was better than the average person at avoiding bias he answered:


He suggested we look through somebody else’s eyes.

You’re confident your property is worth $3.7 million.

You’re emotionally invested in that number.

You can list ‘reasons’ (the sale price two doors down, your brother-in-law sold for $3.5M and yours has better views, the pundit on the radio …).

Respectfully – You’re biased.

It might be worth more…

I don’t have a Nobel Prize – but do have Fresh Eyes.

And two decades of selling in your area.

Click or call and let me appraise your storey.

July 26, 2022

Screeching Witches and Flying Monkeys

A Girl, Courage, Brains, and a Heart on a perilous Journey to the Emerald City.

Obstacles. Challenges. Distractions. Dangers.

Only to discover their Quest was –

A lie.

A feeble old man hiding behind curtains and pulling levers.

Their answers were always within.

I spent years seeking the wisdom of wizards.

Chasing gold, and fame.

Dodging screeching witches and their flying monkeys.

Missing countless precious Nows.

Last weekend I sat and watched my youngest dance.

The wizards and witches fell silent.

Just Daddy. Daughter. Here.

Life patiently teaches what matters.

As the poet wrote – our exploring takes us back to where we began – and we know it for the first time.

Click or call when you want me fully present.

July 19, 2022

Price’s Law

We’ve all moaned about the passengers in any group we belong to.

Colleagues at work. Volunteers at your club, church, or school.

There’s Science vindicating your suspicion.

Price’s law says that 50% of work is done by the square root of the total number of people who participate in the work.

300 people in your business. 17 do half the work.

Eighteen in your footy team. Four midfielders.

Six tradies turn up to your reno…

Ask the next salesperson chasing your business:

‘I’ll pay the Price for the Price half of your Team.’

Tell us how you go.

Meanwhile … The square root of Evolution Realty …

Is Me.

Click or call and get 100% of my attention and effort.

July 12, 2022

Bull Crap

That’s enough of submarines.
Let’s talk Bull Crap.

That’s a quote from the Australian left-handed top order batsman Usman Khawaja.

He earned the right to talk blue after Australia beat the Sri Lankan spinners on their home turf.

Usman spent years backing himself and persisting with his batting plans despite them not working out immediately.

He wanted to describe Australian coaching orthodoxy.

‘Bull crap’.

There’s a bit of bull crap in Real Estate – if you hadn’t noticed.

I’ve spent the last year-and-some challenging the orthodoxy.

Dancing down the wicket for my sellers.
Some stumpings. More boundaries.

I’m keener and leaner than ever.

Like Usman – I’m sticking to my plans.

Click or call and let me sell your storey.

July 5, 2022



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