Listing Constipation

December 10, 2010

As at now, there are 153 properties on the market in Applecross, at 124 days average on market. In November 2010, we counted 2 new sales. Even in the last month, when there were about 120 properties on the market, the stock numbers have jumped about 30, with only a couple of sales.

Encouragingly, we are seeing many sellers get realistic and adjust the asking prices, as we start to see this week offers coming in again.

Something has to give when you have constipation? Otherwise the inevitable health effect of bloating, unless a market laxative can be found.

Watch with interest, as I expect a sea of sales in a hurry as soon as we have some recent sales evidence and some pragmatic sellers accept the new market reality and choose to sell rather than wait for a market which will in all likelihood not recover in the short term.

See you in the market…..Ian B (Ed)