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Offer Accepted- Congratulations


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Congratulations on the purchase of your new home:- Your offer has been accepted!

Offer Accepted- Congratulations

This is usually a very exciting time for Buyers. Your offer accepted congratulations. We wish to assist you and guide you through the process and help you get through to settlement on time with minimum stress and fuss.

Video Overview:

I have created a brief video that explains the process of buying a home, and helps you understand what the various next steps are.

  • Please take the time to view the video (Above)
  • I hope that you enjoy and find it useful and informative

We will be sending a copy of the contract for your information and records as a separate standalone email.

Please look for that and let us know if you have not already received a copy of the FINAL CONTRACT in the next 24 hours.

A copy has also been mailed to you today in the post (A hard copy).

IMPORTANT: If you either don’t have a copy of the JFOGC;
  • Or cant open the above link…
  • Please let us know and we can email, post or drop one off.

EXCITING times ahead…

We hope and trust you will be very happy in the new home for many years to come AND we understand that “House Hunting” can be an exhausting process and we’re sure you are no doubt thrilled that your search for the right home is over! Congratulations. Our job is to help you manage the steps required to get you there.


1) Deposit:

Your depositRegarding your deposit, please pay by cheque or bank transfer using the following details by the due date and let us know as soon as this is done.

Evolution Realty Trust Account:
(Westpac Bank – Applecross Branch).

(Branch BSB) BSB 036-031
(Account) ACC 228-336

Please use the property address as the reference when using a direct debit from your bank. (This helps us find and match your deposit).

2) Finance:
applecross property for sale

Please make sure a copy of your final signed contract is handed to your bank/broker straight away.

***Especially in this market, banks needs every day they can get to assist you achieving finance approval on time***

Any delays in finance, even a day can cause all sorts of problems with this post Royal Commission climate. We suggest a highly proactive role by you as the buyer chasing up and communicating often with your broker/bank to make sure finance goes through on time. Please do keep us posted as well.

3) Settlement Agent:
Settlement Agent

If not already done, please make sure you nominate a Settlement Agent straight away, then let us know.

  • We need to forward the original of the contract to the Buyers Settlement Agent to get things rolling.
  • We have a list of preferred Settlement Agents we are happy to suggest.
  • You may of course appoint any of your own choosing.



Please Note:

All contract deadlines around finance, timber pest and building inspections must occur on time and a proactive role by you as the Buyer is required to ensure these deadlines are met.

  • Sellers do not have to agree to honour requests for extensions or deadlines not being met as per the contract.
  • If you need any assistance or advice, please feel free to ask for some help.
Contact us

Our office will contact you from time to time to monitor the progress of the sale from now until settlement, including satisfaction/ meeting of any outstanding conditions on the offer.

To assist you with up to the minute information on processes, status of various steps of the contract, and to improve communication we have a full-time administrator whose role is to help you. Feel free to communicate with us however is easiest for you.

Please feel free to update us as well from your end often, about any of the terms in the contract as they are met, so that we can help you to make sure everything advances as per the contract.


Evolution RealtyOur office is attended 9AM -5PM (Monday to Friday) and the office number is 9364-7488

After hours should you have any further queries on contact me direct on 0423 123 533.

Thank you once again for allowing us to assist you with the purchase of your new home.

Kind regards

Ian Barnes
Managing Director/Licensee
43A Ardross Street, Applecross