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Our Strategy


OUR STRATEGY- How we will deliver you the best outcome!


  1. Proven Professional Actions & Systems AND
  2. Client Focus!- Tailored to your individual needs AND
  3. To get your property sold AND
  4. Minimum Timeframe AND
  5. Less Stress AND
  6. Maximum profit in your pocket AND
  7. Happy Ever After/ Delighted VIP Client!
SPECIFICALLY: (How we will do it)
1) To handle the detail work. Relax you are in good hands.
  • Such as title searches, market research, contract clause management & and all of the many details to ensure a successful close.
  • We also have the best records and database management of buyers in the area
  • We will be contacting all buyers to make sure we get the Best Buyer for your property

Also, by employing a skilled and proven Agent, you can be assured that YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS. 

  • You have one of the most consistently accomplished agents working for you
  • You have a full “Risk Reversal Guarantee” meaning we can never take you for granted
  • That is total peace of mind
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2) To stay in touch with you Industry Best Communication.
  • So that you will know what is going on every step of the way and where we are in the marketing process.
  • I will always be accessible to you at all reasonable times
You will receive a combination of;
  • Personal visits
  • Written reports
  • Phone calls
  • Electronic communication.

We understand intimately the need for relevant timely feedback and communication and this one factor (or lack thereof) makes selling the process much more stressful so we get the value and importance.

It is one of our agency specialties.

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3) To show you consideration and respect.
  • Because we know that you are living in your home, and it’s sometimes difficult to have it ready to show.
  • We will try to accommodate you as much as possible and be respectful of the fact that it can be inconvenient.
  • I respect the relationship, and understand what it is like to be selling a home.
  • We understand the roles, and that you are always the boss and we provide the expertise. You will be treated with professional courtesy and respect at all times.
4) To market and position your property.
  • With effective, quality marketing to position your property as unique and upmarket
  • Ensuring we receive the highest possible price in this market with the best terms possible.

You will be partnering with the industry’s most professional agencies in Evolution Realty  and with one of the industry’s most successful sales persons in Ian Barnes. 

  • We know how to market and negotiate homes to get the best outcomes.
  • You will be consulted, but can also relax as this is what we do best.

The Evolution Realty Team- The Right Choice to Represent Your Interests!

Yours faithfully,


Ian Barnes


P.S. I am ready, willing and able to assist with your real estate needs when you are ready!

P.P.S. If you don’t already have a copy of my book “How to sell your home for top dollar in any market” GRAB IT HERE.