February 21, 2011

This past Saturday Evolution Realty conducted a massive offsite auction showcase at the South of Perth Yacht club.

Over 250 people attended and 15 properties were available for sale.

The results were as follows:

1. 3 sold before the auction during the marketing campaign.

2. 2 sold under the hammer

3. 2 sold later that day

4. Several other properties are being negotiated at this time

5. Many had bids on the day and did not meet the reserve

6. Lots of enquiry this morning as follow ups from buyers

The turnout, the outcome, in any analysis would have to be described as an outstanding result. To generate 7 sales from 15 listings in a month in what is the tightest market we have seen for 20 years, with more offers coming is awesome.

Thank you to Richard Teuchert, Darran Walker and John Woon for their outstanding efforts, as well as Agnes Barnes and Samantha Correia, a join team effort well done. Thank you to all of our sellers, and to members of the public that attended. Thank you to all bidders, and well done to the successful buyers.