Presentation pays

January 5, 2016

How much does a well presented home add value to a particular property?- Indeed, that is a great question. I think it is fair to say that a well presented, immaculately well maintained, stylish home, furnished to match, can sell 10-20% more than the same home with marks all over the walls, dirty carpets, neglected gardens and outdated furnishings.

What it really means is that the best buyers are affected by their emotions. After all, many of us are really busy. We dont have time to imagine what could be, or fixing things up. We want things now and in many cases will pay more for the convenience of “NOW”. Whilst the cost of these cosmetic adjustments is almost always far less than the value they can add, I swear minor cosmetic work will add enormous value.

1) De-clutter all rooms so that the space can be highlighted
2) Bright light bulbs
3) Clean all ledges, no cobwebs, no dust
4) Immaculate carpets, replace if required
5) Have floor boards sanded and resealed if needed
6) Weedless gardens, freshly mulched
7) Sheds and garages clean and accessible
8) All counter benches clear, clean
9) All fixtures and fittings working. I have heard all the arguments that the intercom system never worked since and owner bought the house, the fact is buyers will perceive a home “neglected” if things don’t work.
10) Fresh paint is one of the best value presentation pluses
11) All kitchen appliances immaculate and if required, replace older out of date cookers

These are just a few friendly ideas, see you in the market place.