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Pulling The Levers

PULLING THE LEVERS- What makes the difference?

Pulling The Levers

Recently I was listening to the radio news and they talked about the Reserve Bank pulling various levers to manipulate, tweak or stimulate the economy as required.

They pull those levers in order to achieve desired outcomes and results, not always guaranteed.

  • It was fascinating to say the least
  • & it got me thinking
  • That is the SAME AS REAL ESTATE!
We do the same in real estate. Everything we do has a cause and effect outcome, good or bad.

There are several key levers at our disposal to massively affect the KPI’s (Key performance indicators), and then hence the result and outcome.

Whether it is numbers of enquiries, viewings or offers, all do to some extent have variable inputs that can be tweaked (Levers) in order to help affect the outcome or performance.applecross property management

  • Some are affected and controlled by the Agent;
  • Some are affected and controlled by the Seller;
  • Some are affected and controlled by the Market (but we can interpret and respond to what the market is telling us as well as the various benchmarks)

THE LEVERS: Two main types

  1. To get more Buyers, initially enquiry (online traffic and direct) but ultimately (Viewings)
  2. To handle that enquiry properly and effectively afterwards (After viewings)

1) Viewings

(Goal to get more qualified inspections).

So what are they?

  • Presentation of property
  • Photos online
  • Video
  • Heading
  • Text
  • Signage
  • Cross selling
  • Ease of Access
  • Asking price
  • Method of sale
  • Word of mouth

2) After viewings

(Goal is to convert quality potential prospects into offers and a sale).

So what are they?

  • Follow up and monitor for interest
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Seller reaction and response to feedback and the market
  • Price
  • Urgency/ competition
  • Brochure
  • Property information pack
  • Agent manner/ enthusiasm
SUMMARY- As you can see there are many variables/ levers at our disposal.

Within our agreed budget, I am doing everything I can at our end and will continue to apply effective, proactive marketing, follow-up and enthusiasm on your behalf to help you get sold in a reasonable time-frame.

In the meantime, please remember I am available anytime to discuss this or any aspects of the campaign or process with you.

Thank you for your continued trust.


Yours faithfully,

Ian Barnes