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Quick tips on short notice viewings (Sellers)


I know I have promised prior notice and 24 hours if possible…

And whilst our team will do everything to help avoid “surprises”….

  • Should we have a really HOT BUYER!!!
  • & we need to show someone through with short notice…
  • It is hoped these tips are helpful…

Follow these quick tips to ready your home for its best showing when you have less than one hour notice.

  1. Start where the potential buyers will start
  2. Make sure that the front door presents well
  3. Sweep steps, if needed
  4. Pick up any out-of-place objects and store them away quickly

Head inside:

  1. Open window treatments and turn on lights
  2. Put any dirty dishes into the dishwasher
  3. Make the beds
  4. Put any dirty laundry inside the washing machine

If you still have time:

  1. Run a quick vacuum and/or sweeper to give carpets and floors a fresh look
  2. Wipe down kitchen bench tops and table tops
  3. Check toilets are clean, close lids
  4. Give the home a quick air freshener

***While we would all like to have our houses in showroom condition 24 hours a day***
  • We also acknowledge that we live in them.
  • We suggest that you do your best to present your house in its best light
  • AND make sure that every potential buyer has an opportunity to view it
  • —accommodate all showings if at all possible.
  • We only need ONE BUYER.

Thank you for your kind understanding…

We look forward to working together to help you move on.

Yours faithfully

Ian Barnes