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Reasons to Invest in Property

Invest In Property

Invest In Property

The big difference between invest in property and any other type of investment is that you can actually touch it. Its bricks and mortar, not just numbers on a screen.

Property is considered one of the more solid, less volatile forms of investment. Investors tend to like property for it’s:

  • Potential capital growth (increase in value).
  • Tax benefits
  • Ongoing rental return.
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1. You don’t need a big salary to get started

Lenders consider the potential rental income you’ll get from the property when calculating how much you can borrow. So property is a viable investment option for first time property buyers as well as existing property owners. If you already have a reasonable amount of equity in your home, you mightn’t need to raise any cash to start investing. Banks will lend you up to 80% against the security of residential property, which means that most Australians with a steady job and a little capital behind them can afford to buy investment properties.

Many average income investors create substantial investment portfolios through the principles of investing in residential property.

Over the long run, property investors all over Australia have become wealthy in as little as ten years ofrombeing serious investors in property.

Invest In Property

2. Proven wealth creation strategy.

More millionaires have been created through property other forms of investment. The old saying, if you do what successful people do, you will become successful.

The majority of wealthy people have used a real estate portfolio to increase their long term wealth.


3. Security

It’s often said that residential real estate offers the security of ‘bricks and mortar’, but let’s take a closer look at why I believe it’s one of the safest and potentially most profitable investments.

Even in slump markets, houses do not devalue to zero and go broke. Some companies do however. Even allowing for the ups and downs of real estate values, and the recent global financial crisis, over the long run residential property in the major capital city residential markets has been steady growth and a solid investment.

Banks have always recognised property, and especially residential real estate, as an excellent security. The reason they’ll lend you up to 80% of the value of your property is that they know property values have never fallen over the long-term. In fact, the entire Australian banking system is underpinned by the continual growth of residential property. The majority of residential homes are owner occupiers and therefore the population will always need a home to live in. This ensures that there will never be a panic sell of the whole market like can occur in the stock market.

Growth of income

4. Growth of income

The rental income you receive from your investment property is usually indexed to inflation and the value of the property. This allows you to borrow and gain the benefit of leverage by helping you pay the interest on your mortgage. This has historically outpaced inflation. Statistics show that the level of home ownership is slowly decreasing in Australia, populations are on the increase and there is an under supply of existing housing stocks. This should ensure pressure on demand for rental property and corresponding market values increase.

Invest In Property

5. Consistent capital growth

Over the past 25 years the value of the average property in all capital cities has doubled in value every eight to 10 years. Property should be regarded as a medium to long term hold, and short term fluctuations in the market need to be placed in perspective. In the short-term prices can is much more uncertain and confused, and at times capital growth stops and even reverses, as we saw in the early 80s, the early 90s and in some areas in the most recent slump we experienced in 2008. Over the long run, property should still be a solid investment.

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6. OPM- “Other people’s money”

Using OPM enables leverage and providing you can afford the repayments, and have some buffer in the form of your own equity, this is a normal and legitimate strategy for a wealth creation

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