Renewed buoyancy

October 12, 2010

Just in this last week we have seen a burst of renewed confidence from buyers, with 6 sales in the office and another bunch of offers that are “cooking”.

It appears that with the election out of the way, the AFL grand final behind us and reprieve for the time being with interest rates, some buyers have decided to jump in.

We are seeing what I call ridiculously optimistic, even insulting offers in some cases as some buyers try to capitalize on what they perceive as a golden opportunity, the basics are as I have been saying for some time.

Well presented properties, priced realistically in this market, will and always have done, create strong and positive interest from buyers.

We see a lot of pent up demand as many trade up buyers are considering their options.

Expecting strong months up to Christmas.

See you in the market… IB (Ed)