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Market Appraisal – Rentals

The Evolution Realty Rental Appraisal:

At Evolution Realty, we regard the professional appraisal process (for sales or rentals) a key step in the successful outcome sought for home sellers and property investors alike.

Each appraisal is followed by a full written summary document with the likely renting price we believe will be achieved in this market. We will give you facts and a full update of the local market conditions to help you make the right decisions about the process.

Our Appraisal service is complimentary:

  1. A search of the title
  2. A thorough assessment of your needs and wishes
  3. A thorough inspection of the property
  4. Ascertaining the property’s most appealing rentable features
  5. Identifying a typical tenant profile (* If required)
  6. Matching our database with the property for a list of potential tenants
  7. An assessment of the current market value and where your property fits into it
  8. A discussion of pricing options and strategies, which includes understanding your timing and needs as to when you want to be moved
  9. A discussion of marketing options and strategies if required
  10. Discussion about management fees (* if required)
  11. Discussion about marketing costs associated with a potential lease (* If required)
  12. Home staging advice to help you maximize your selling return (* If required)
  • Evolution Realty’s 7-point VIP Customer Service Guarantee

  • Evolution Realty’s Industry Leading “Risk Reversal” Satisfaction Guarantee

* Not all appraisals require all of these services as many home owners are not in fact selling right now and just want a "price check" which we would be delighted to provide.