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Market Appraisal – Rentals

The Evolution Realty Rental Appraisal:

Your valuable investment property MUST BE handled right or it will cost you money.

We get it!

At Evolution Realty we have the experience, life skills, sophistication and track record to be the perfect match for your premium property. We treat an appraisal for investment properties as an excellent job interview that you can test us before you hire us. We welcome the opportunity.

  • Getting the right Property Manager is critical, as you need a competent, professional and accessible agent that will treat your valuable rental asset like it were their own. (NOTE: In this 2020 market, your Property Manager MUST be more than 9AM-5PM Monday to Friday.
  • More and more weekend access and just old fashioned answering the phone and emails is essential to get your property leased faster).

Each appraisal is followed by a full written summary document with the likely renting price we believe will be achieved in this market.

  • We will give you facts and a full update of the local market conditions to help you make the right decisions about the process.

Our Rental Appraisal service is complimentary and will be handled exclusively by Agnes Barnes who is tertiary qualified, a licensed agent with nearly 20 years experience, and speaks fluently in 6 languages. 
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agnes barnes

  1. A search of the certificate of title.
  2. A thorough assessment of your needs and wishes.
  3. A thorough inspection of the property.
  4. Ascertaining the property’s most appealing rentable features
  5. Identifying a typical tenant profile (* If required).
  6. Matching our database with the property for a list of potential tenants.
  7. An assessment of the current market value and where your property fits into it.
  8. A discussion of pricing options and strategies, which includes understanding your timing and needs as how fast you want the property leased.
  9. A discussion of marketing options and strategies (* if required).
  10. Discussion about management fees (* if required).
  11. Discussion about marketing costs associated with a potential lease (* If required).
  12. Home staging advice to help you maximize your selling return (* If required).
  • Evolution Realty’s 7-point VIP Customer Service Guarantee

  • Evolution Realty’s Industry Leading “Risk Reversal” Satisfaction Guarantee

* Not all appraisals require all of these services as many home owners are not in fact selling leasing their property right now and just want a "price check" which we would be delighted to provide.