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SALE- Seller Unconditional (Sold)

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Congratulations- We are sold!

SALE- Seller Unconditional (Sold)

I know for most Sellers this is usually a very exciting time.

  • We are not quite there yet though…
  • There is a little more to do.

My job is to get you all the way to settlement and beyond with the least stress and maximum happiness.

Because this is such an important moment in the process for Sellers, I have created this brief video (above) which is attached that I encourage you to watch. It will explain in detail the steps moving forward, what to watch out for, and how to make sure that this journey of selling your property ends in a way that you are delighted. Please click on link above.

SALE- Seller Unconditional (Sold)

I do encourage you to keep the sales price confidential and details for now, and to check in with me about the final inspection, which is discussed in detail in the video.


In order to keep the sale moving forward, on time and without undue hassles, please note that it is an obligation to maintain the property at settlement as it was at the time the offer was accepted, and the property was marketed (on the market).

For example;

  • All fixtures, fittings, electric appliances, gas fittings, light switches and reticulation must be demonstrated at the final inspection as working as per the contract, unless it specifically says in the contract that the buyer was told in advance and agreed to take the house as is.
  • Normally that doesn’t override building and structural matters, not would it exclude any gas, electrical or plumbing issues either (Again, unless specifically mentioned as excluded in the contract).
  • This is irrespective of the sales price too.

If any of this doesn’t work, it is good to be proactive and get onto these things ASAP.


As per the contract, everything must be in the same condition as at the time that the contract was agreed, at settlement. This includes;

  • Gardens/ Lawns
  • Pools
  • Carpets/ Windows
  • Gutters

Basically everything as was for the inspections. HelpIf you require any clarification, of course, I welcome any questions that you may have, and would be delighted to meet if you would like to catch up.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be your agent.

I do hope that you have been satisfied so far with the service from the Evolution team.