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Selling My Property


When considering a move, for sellers it is essential to employ the most professional, competent and proven sales professionals you can find.

  • The alternative could be disastrous, costing untold thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars, and undue stress.
  • Evolution Realty possesses a passionate, proven team and track record, to attend to your real estate needs.

Ian Barnes has for nearly 20 years, a track record of achievement at the highest industry level, with a reputation of client focus and satisfaction in the local real estate market.

  • Ian’s record of real estate sales success over a long period of time is unrivalled.
  • We have a huge body or work that combines verified testimonials and reviews (Some going back for over a decade).

Trust Ian Barnes and the team at Evolution to handle your valuable asset and represent you.

When appointing Evolution Realty and Ian Barnes, we will represent your interests unashamedly and add value in seven distinct ways.

  1. CONSULT extensively at the commencement of our first meeting right through the entire process to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations.
  2. ACT in a courteous, respectful and professional manner to you as the owner of the property. We will respect and value the relationship and hopefully earn the right to be recommended to your friends and family, as well as treat you as a VIP repeat client.
  3. PROVIDE accurate and honest feedback and information about the market and the possible selling price to help you establish the right strategy, timing and expectations. We will ALWAYS seek to maximise the sales price and the experience for you as a valued seller client.
  4. FOLLOW UP all Buyers diligently and competently then report back in a timely manner after all inspections. We will provide accurate detailed feedback about the Buyers and the market to help you be kept fully informed.
  5. CREATE effective marketing to position your property professionally in a way that adds value and enhances the perception of the property at all times.
  6. PROACTIVELY act and make suggestions and recommendations in real time to ensure that we are constantly evolving and enhancing your sales prospects in the best possible terms and timing, from the initial appraisal right through to settlement and beyond.
  7. Personally HANDLE AND MANAGE the marketing, negotiation and hands on management of your sale listing, aided by my highly effective and competent support staff in important behind the scenes tasks.
YOU CAN RELAX- you are in great hands like hundreds of other local property sellers have before.

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  • Evolution Realty’s 7-point VIP Customer Service Guarantee

  • Evolution Realty’s Industry Leading “Risk Reversal” Satisfaction Guarantee