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Ten Important Questions (Sellers)

Ten Important Questions (Sellers)

TEN IMPORTANT QUESTIONS (Sellers)…when choosing an Agent

Please find below TEN of the most important questions that should be considered when selling your home.

Before you select an agent:

It may be a good idea to have an agenda to help provide the meeting with structure and determine the most suitable agent for you.

After all if you don’t have the best agent representing you, you can’t expect the best results.

Reputation of agent

1. REPUTATION- What do others say about the agent?
  • What is the agent known for?
  • Are they reachable?
  • Would they cut corners to make a deal?
  • Can you trust them with your house keys?
  • Do you truly believe they would only and always act in your best interests?

Ten Important Questions (Sellers)

2. TRACK RECORD– Does the agent have a sustained track record of success over a long time period?
  • You need your sales agent to be active in the current market.
  • Sales made in years gone by do not qualify your agent to represent you in today’s market unless they are still highly active.
  • Is the agent proven as a success over a sustained period?


3. CREDIBILITY- How many properties has the agent sold locally in the past 1-5 years?
  • Where have they sold them?
  • What type of properties?
  • What do their clients say?
  • Does the agent have written recent specific client testimonials?
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4. SKILLS- What is the sales agent’s skillset?
  • Can they close?
  • Average days on market?
  • Clearance rates?
  • Testimonial and review numbers and quality?
  • Reputation?
  • Hunger levels and energy?
  • How is their marketing skills and acumen?
house for sale applecross5. APPROACH- How will buyers be found?
  • How will the highest price be achieved?
  • Does the agent understand the different types of Buyers and how to achieve “Buyers Highest Price”?

Evolution Realty

  • Is the agency an active member of REIWA? What are the offices/personal conjunction policy?
  • Do they have clean, professional looking offices? (Accessible).
  • Are they local? (In the local area)



How many written testimonials can the agent show dated in the past 12 months from satisfied clients?

Ten Important Questions (Sellers)Do they show them on their website? (Check ours if you like).

Who will be handling my sale?

  • The agent, or will I be fobbed off to a junior assistant? (Check this as it is typical and very common these days).
  • How many listings will the agent be personally handling?

What are the internet capabilities of the agency?

How many registered buyers does the agent have right now for the property?

Is their website fast to load, attractive to Buyers, easy to find?


If you are not totally satisfied with the service, are you “stuck” with the agent or can you be released without penalty to appoint another agent?


What professional training seminars has the agent attended in the past 12-24 months and what ongoing professional development have they undertaken to keep abreast of industry leading trends and techniques?

***Choose the Right Agent and everything else is relatively seemless***

I am ready, willing and able to assist with your real estate needs when you are ready!

Yours faithfully,

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