Adept Negotiating, Technologically Savvy & Benchmark Professionalism

January 5, 2014

Why did you choose Ian Barnes to handle the sales process?
Our belief and experience as a purchaser was that Ian is the most adept negotiator in the Retail Sales Market.

How would you describe the service given by Ian Barnes and the company?
Excellent. Present when necessary and discreet in all aspects of our personal situation.

Please describe the communication received during the sales process?
Excellent. As we became closer to a sale the communication increased. Ian does not bother you unless it’s necessary and all contact was purposeful.

Please describe your satisfaction or otherwise with the marketing process.
One of the reasons we chose Ian was because of his exceptional presence in the electronic media and the importance of this medium in today’s world.

How does this experience compare with other times you have used the services of a real estate agent? Different. Either you can relate to Ian’s way and trust his expertise or you can remain ignorant to his skill and capability. Ian is not ‘fluffy’; he is straight down the line even though you may not like what he says. He knows what he is saying in the Real Estate space.

How do you feel about the price achieved?
Good – Realistic and fair for all parties.

What impressed you the most about the way your sale was handled?
The pre-sale information and the post-sale support, the negotiation was also handled impeccably and with respect.

On a scale of 1-10, based on your experience with us, what would you recommend us to others?

What could we do better to earn a better score next time?
Tricky, as the whole process really was outstanding even if we hadn’t sold we were/would have been impressed.

What one word or words best describes your impressions of Evolution Realty?
Benchmark professionalism that only experience and commitment could achieve for all parties. Sincerely an enjoyable experience.