Evolution Is The One That Works!

January 12, 2017

Ian was incredibly helpful on how the house was to be presented and very knowledgeable on the current market trends which greatly helped with our quick sale.

I was particularly concerned with how to get the house ready and Ian was very helpful in pointing me in the direction of really good tradesmen who were very efficient and very professional. He also listened very carefully to how much we were prepared to do and helped us structure everything around that. It greatly took the pressure off and I feel there was a good plan and a good way forward so I didn’t perhaps feel as stressed as I would have without some good direction.

The way our home was marketed was to a very high quality. Everything was taken into consideration and was done very efficiently. The photos were taken at a good time of day and the video was incredibly effective. The marketing was well received and for a large part we believe helped achieve the successful sale.

The quick sale and settlement was a huge relief for the both of us! We went in not knowing what to expect either in terms of price or time and there were plenty of signs to say that the market was difficult, but we were well prepared in achieving results as quickly and as decisively as we did with Ian’s help.

We would be very happy to recommend Ian and the team at Evolution Realty, they were fantastic! The office was amazing and were very responsive, efficient, kind and helpful.

Without a shadow of a doubt we’d recommend Ian to sell any property; and have already told friends “Don’t bother about anybody else – Evolution is the one that works!”