May 31, 2011

Why did you choose Ian Barnes to handle the sales process?
We had previous excellent service and satisfaction with a sale of an Applecross property

How would you describe the service given by Ian Barnes?
Efficient, enthusiastic, professional based, comes with clear, important and honest clarity. Focused

Please describe the communication received during the sales process.
Kept us buoyed up and focused. We were at all times encouraged.

Please describe your satisfaction or otherwise with the marketing process.
Ian displayed lateral thinking in achieving outcome

How does this experience compare with other times you have used the services of a real estate agent?
Having experienced poor and unprofessional service – Ian was a “breath of fresh air”

What impressed you the most about the way your sale was handled?
It’s timing couldn’t have occurred better. The advertising and extensive coverage pending to auction fastened the sale. The actual “settlement” was also handled very professionally and without a hic – up.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten highest), based on your experience with us, would you recommend us to others?

What one word or words best describes your impression of Evolution Realty?
Positive and passionate for best outcome for the client