May 1, 2009

How would you describe the service given by the Ian Barnes Team?
House sold virtually within 3 days with 18 couples at first and only viewing. Extremely pleased with the service

Why did you choose Ian Barnes to handle the sale process?
Ian is self assured, cracking with Energy and Confident of achieving the best results, works hard to convince you of this.

Please describe the communication received during the sale process?
Communication is what Ian Barnes is about. He is very aware of the importance of customer satisfaction.

Please describe your satisfaction otherwise with the marketing process?
Energetic and professional approach, accompanied with helpful, sensible and logical advice.

How does this experience compare with other times you have sold property as far as the service from your agent?
First time I have sold property in Australia, Superior to UK

How do you feel about the price achieved?
Within 1% of the asking price! Impressed

Is there anything that we could have improved?
No- As a company I see a bright future for Evolution Realty

What one thing impressed you the most about the way your sale was handled?
Ian’s Strategy, Realistic Valuation – Good presentation, first two weeks are critical.

Would you recommend Ian Barnes to family or Friends?