October 13, 2009

Dear Ian and Agnes,

When I first approached you regarding the sale of my property in Tweeddale Road Applecross you showed me a number of letters of recommendation from your previous clients. When reading these letters I thought that the people that had written them must have felt passionately that they had received exceptional service to be willing to put their name to such a letter.

Following the sale of my house, I understand why your clients believe that they have received exceptional service.

I am happy with the result, at only $25,000 under the asking price; but I am more impressed by your professionalism, honesty and integrity, and the processes and sales skills that lead to the result.

Professionalism, honesty and integrity are traits not always associated with the real estate industry but have been part of every interaction with everyone that I met from your office. I have seen this by the way that you use facts and not anecdotal evidence or hearsay, that you understand and explain the rights and obligations of all parties to the transaction, and that you think of your vendor.

I have been impressed by the robust processes used throughout the sales cycle, from listing the property through to settlement. I have seen these processes used to list the property quickly and efficiently, to meet settlement deadlines and most importantly to help keep me informed so that I could make decisions regarding the sale of my property.

I would also like to congratulate you on your ability to close a sale. This skill is often underestimated and not one always evident in the real estate industry; it is difficult to learn and I believe that it made a large difference in the result achieved in the sale of my property.

To anyone looking to sell a property in Applecross or surrounding areas that values getting a good price for their property, a hassle free and quick sale and dealing with an honest person with integrity, I recommend the services of Evolution Realty, and in particular the services of Ian Barnes.
Yours sincerely,