September 24, 2009

How satisfied with the feedback and communication received by Ian, his team or the office?
I personally was relieved to be able to talk honestly to an agent.
Some people dont like a straight shooter – I however see it as a breath of fresh air.

To what extent is the feedback after inspections?
About Right

Is there anything so far that is less than what is expected, or promised by the representative?

Have you viewed your property on the website?

If yes to the above, could you please describe your impressions of your property on the website?
Photos were good and the property was portrayed very well, very professional.

As a summary, has the service and experience so far from Evolution Realty Team, up to the standards expected/promised?
Yes – we were very happy that our call and emails were finally getting answered. In our experience you have surpassed your competitors.

Are you happy for Evolution Realty to continue to represent you from this point?