July 26, 2012

1) Why did you choose Ian Barnes to handle the sales process?
His presence in Applecross, forthright manner and obvious market knowledge.

2) How would you describe the service given by Ian Barnes?
First class. We were never in doubt that we were a priority

3) Please describe the communication received during the sales process.
Ongoing and timely throughout

4) Please describe your satisfaction or otherwise with the marketing process.
Very Pleased

5) How does this experience compare with other times you have used the services of a real estate agent?
A level above the usual.

6) How do you feel about the price achieved?
Never enough but realistic given the market conditions.

7) What impressed you the most about the way your sale was handled?
Was handled with sensitivity to both vendor and purchaser but with decisive efficiency.

8) On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten highest), based on your experience with us, would you recommend us to others?

9)What could we do to earn a better score next time?
Get us an unrealistically higher price 🙂

10) What one word or words best describes your impressions of evolution realty?

Dear Ian,

I rarely write testimonials and providing one for Ian Barnes is not a case of just gratitude, but because it is easy to recommend one who provides service like it was an art form.

You can tell Ian loves his job, because his knowledge is impeccable, his wisdom in his advice to us and attention to detail, unmatched, compared to other Agents we have dealt with over many years.

From the first appointment, we knew Ian was not there with the prime objective to sell us on giving him our listing, but purely to give of his current knowledge and then leave the ultimate decision to us. No pressure, just common sense and straight shooting dialogue.

My Wife and I just love to experience good service as we are both employed in service industries. We witnessed, in our opinion, the best Real Estate service operator any vendor could wish for.

Our plans have now come to fruition through the professional efforts of the Evolution Realty Team and particular thanks go to Ian, Agnes and Tony, who should never doubt that this level of service, including the ongoing feedback and communication, goes unnoticed or unappreciated by nervous Vendors.

Thank you for the proficient and timely sale of our Applecross property.