July 7, 2012

1) Why did you choose Ian Barnes to handle the sales process?
Recommended by a friend of a friend

2) How would you describe the service given by Ian Barnes?
Excellent Service. Friendly and Personal.

3) Please describe the communication received during the sales process?
Good communication. At the beginning when initially discussing the sales process, Ian made it very clear how the process will be handled.

4) Please describe your satisfaction or otherwise with the marketing process.
The marketing with the price undisclosed for the first 3 weeks was a good option in the marketplace at that time. We were able to secure an offer that was acceptable.

5) How does this experience compare with other times you have used the services of a real estate agent?
Better this time versus previous occasions using the services of real estate agents.

6) How do you feel about the price achieved?
Satisfactory considering the current market. (The best we could realistically get)

7) What impressed you the most about the way your sale was handled?
Ian was full of positive energy. We felt he achieved the best result we could get at that time. One of the things Ian said at one of our early meetings was, the price wont really be what either the buyer or the seller wants. Each have their own expectations but the market changes the price and the reality is that the buyer feels they paid too much and the seller feels the property should have been worth more! C’est la Vie!

8) On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten highest), based on your experience with us, would you recommend us to others?

9) What could we do to earn a better score next time?
We only experienced Ian’s know-how for about 4 weeks before contract so I don’t feel any improvements were needed for the service and dedication we received.

A Big thank you for the sale and for your generous addition of treats – The bubbly and the basket of goodies from Darrell Lea. All of a much less stressful experience than expected.