September 12, 2013

I have known Ian Barnes for some 10 years and worked with him in a professional capacity as a Consultant Auctioneer to Evolution Realty for a period of 5 years.

For personal reasons I recently appointed Ian Barnes to realize a family property for us within Applecross..

Ian demonstrated functions and processes within his own Evolution Realty selling systems which provided literally an abundance of buyer feedback over a 3-4 week period, allowing me to make a well-informed decision when the premium buyer placed a contract on the table.

Needless to say the Alpha-Buyer was secured within the first month and a positive result was obtained!

In 26 years as a practising Licensed Real Estate Agent and Consultant Auctioneer, I have dealt with thousands of Agents…Ian Barnes is the most driven, committed and focused Realtor I have met!

I commend his services to you and encourage you to place Ian Barnes on your shopping list when you are looking for a Licensed Real Estate Agent!