Sold In The First Home Open!

October 16, 2015

1) Why did you choose us to handle the sales process? Because of Ian’s knowledge of the Applecross market, proven sales system and ability to move property in the time frame required by us.

2) How would you rate the experience and service given by us? 5/5

3) Based on your experience with us, would you recommend us to others? 10

4) What if anything could we do to earn a better score next time? Nothing.

5) Could we please have a brief testimonial? My wife and I purchased a new property and it was subject to finance meaning that if we did not sell our existing home in the required time frame we would have been up for a bridging loan. I told Ian the price I needed, which he agreed was the market value and was confident of getting an offer. In the end, we managed to sell the house after the 1st home open for the asking price. Ian’s step by step approach and his lists and hints are extremely helpful. They ensured that the house was presented at its best which lead to the quick sale. When selling in Applecross, there is no one else that should be used or even considered in my opinion.