The Future of Print vs Online in Real Estate

June 15, 2011

GOOD QUALITY RENTALS IN DEMAND- Internet campaign only.

A happy story is that we are finding a real surge for demand for goods rentals. Last week we let quickly in a matter of days, 4 quality rentals for full price and some above asking price, as tenants struggle to find good properties to rent.

We are finding success with an internet only campaign, quality photography (With professionals and good ad copy as well, as for all residential sales) and this does beg the question, and in due course why we cannot eventually do without or at elast scale down print media for residential real estate marketing.

With the costs of print media being so high and many buyers claim to be focusing mainly on the internet, what is the future of the big newspapers in Real Estate?

The eventual phasing out of print is probably going to happen, what do others think?