The results are in for 2012!

July 29, 2012


“Recently Evolution Realty posted a newsletter to the public, and our database which had some factual errors, from outdated data. The result was incorrect Underselling of the facts, which were the figures for the 2011 calendar year, not the 2012 financial year. The correct figures are attached. We did not in fact sell 20 properties for $28M in the previous 12 months in Applecross, the correct figures are 25 sales for $41M. We apologise for any confusion.”

Here are the facts for the past 12 months. (Of the top 5 agents in sales results for 2012 financial year in Applecross).

1) No. 1 by sales number Evolution Realty 25 sales
2) No. 1 by sales volume Evolution Realty $41M *
3) Days on market (SOLD’s)

No. 1 agent Evolution Realty = 83 days
No. 2 agent days on market = 123 days
No. 3 agent days on market = 131 days
No. 4 agent days on market = 182 days
No. 5 agent days on market = 185 days

So in a nutshell, in 2012 (Financial year) Evolution Realty sold the most number in Applecross, and for the highest value, and in the shortest time.

A Pretty compelling clean sweep for results. If you are selling, and are serious about the best results, we better talk. Otherwise it will cost you time, money and stress.

I want your business, am hungrier and more fired up than ever, and I am getting results in a tough market. Call me.

Ian Barnes

* Approx. to nearest $1M. Sources:, Complete Data. I am happy to email the actual factual graphs if required, email me for the list.