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Welcome to the Market Place- New Listing


Thank you for appointing me to be your Agent.

I respect and appreciate your trust…

I am excited about helping you get sold;

  • The right price (Highest possible price in this market)
  • Minimum stress or hassles
  • Maintain and build trust
  • Earn the right to be referred to your friend and family

The “Welcome to the Market Place” Introduction Video is above:
  • It will help you understand the process better
  • Please do watch it (4 quick minutes)
  • Let me know if you have any questions…
We are also mailing today our “LISTING PACK.”

Please go through the materials in that pack;

  • Listing agreement (hard copy)
  • Property Particulars survey forms (hard copy only if preferred to the online link below).
  • Seller disclosure form to be completed please (IMPORTANT!)
  • Tax invoice for marketing (as per whatever agreed in the listing)
  • Photo shoot preparation checklist and brochure (hard copy)
  • The 7 things to do next after listed SUMMARY SHEET
  • Other materials as required…


I look forward to meeting up with you soon…

To run through the Marketing Calendar and make sure we are all on track.

My office will arrange a catch up time OR, we can book in a time right here.


Please find a USEFUL GUIDE (link below) and CHECKLIST

Explaining how to prepare for our photo shoot

CLICK HERE >>> Link to the PDF guide HERE

Our office should be calling soon to lock in a date/ time for the shoots as required.


NOTE: This applies depending on whatever was agreed at the time of listing.

The amount agreed and when to be paid is as per the listing agreement.

With regards payment, you can either pay by direct transfer or mail a cheque to our company.

  • Thank you if you have already taken care of this…
  • Please no cash if possible
  • If you could take care of that as soon as possible (if unpaid and due) it would be much appreciated

Our Bank Trust Account
  • Bank: Westpac
  • Account Name: Evolution Realty Trust Account
  • BSB: 036 031
  • Account number: 228336
  • Ref: Your customer number – Please use the property address

4) PROPERTY PARTICULARS- Important we get the details right!

I am in the process of preparing the most effective marketing to get you the best outcome…

  • The particulars for your property are essential
  • Please find an attached an online form to assist with this
  • Thank you in advance- it is very important!

Please help me complete the following.

Owner Property Insights & Perspective (Tell us about your property)

The above form will ALSO greatly improve accuracy and efficiency for marketing and pricing purposes.

Many thanks in advance…

Should you wish to ask any questions or go through this I am happy to do so when we next meet, or feel free to drop me a line…

Thank you

Ian Barnes
OFFICE: 9364 7488
MOBILE: 0423 123 533

Thank you for your business and trust.