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What My Logo Represents

What My Logo Represents

Evolution Realty Brand Description

Evolution: (n) committed to continual pursuit of excellence.

With a mantra of; ‘constant and never-ending improvement’, Evolution Realty is the creation of REIWA Grandmaster Ian Barnes.

After more than 5 years as the top sales person in a large organization, and being a leading industry figure, and due to overwhelming encouragement from Ian’s clients, with his wife Agnes they formed the view it was time to move on and evolve.

This would enable putting in place a business model reflecting his own values and business ethics that was centred around higher client standards, better marketing and more focus on quality rather than quantity.

Evolution’s exceptional performance is due to our brazen focus on client personalization and responsiveness. It is all about my clients and what they want to achieve. I am totally committed to client centred outcomes. The Evolution Realty brand was developed based on this business philosophy of candidly representing my clients’ needs, outcomes and ambitions. I will never accept mediocrity in anything I do. I am always trying to raise the bar on what is acceptable as far as the client experience, and the results I expect of myself.

Many clients of Evolution Realty become ‘raving fans’ with an unquestionable emphasis by me to seek and earn client testimonials and repeat and / or referral business.

The name ‘Evolution’ itself embodies the concept that life is a series of choices. My track record demonstrates exceptional outcomes and return on investment when clients control their destiny and choose Evolution Realty.

What My Logo Represents

The brand symbol represents a stylized infinity icon representing the boundless opportunities Evolution Realty provides my clients. The symbol proudly symbolizes client delight and the long-lasting professional association I have with my clients. In addition, the symbol characterizes power and negotiation.

The strong red typeface reflects my passionate committed business style. Complimenting the prominent typeface the smooth clean lines of ‘realty’ symbolizes the integrity of Evolution Realty. The Evolution Realty brand is fresh and innovative, promoting a personalized, flexible and versatile client focus.

Inspired by my passionate, polished and professional approach the strong red and premium metallic gold reflects the strength and quality of Evolution Realty.